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A Ram
A proud alumna of Colorado State University's journalism and langue programs and a first-generation college graduate.
(Go Rams!)

A writer
A born storyteller writing impactful pieces that resonate with my readers, with experience in news, lifestyle and food.

A photographer
I especially have fun capturing food and nature scenery, or otherwise staging lengthy photoshoots with my cat.  

Though not native. I spent eight academic years studying the Spanish language and culture. 

A traveler
Plagued with a case of wanderlust stemming from an insatiable fascination and need to experience other cultures. (The breathtaking views along the way are just a plus.) 

An adventurer
As a true-blue wilderness lover, when I'm not reading or writing at home, I'm most often reading or writing somewhere in the mountains, where I enjoy camping, backpacking, fishing and climbing rocks.